Family Wellness, Auto Accident, Sports Injury Rehab.



“After seeing many chiropractors, I finally felt like I was being treated for my individual problems.  Dr. Carroll took the time to understand what was going on with me and came up with an individual treatment plan rather than just adjusting me and sending me on my way.”

~ Brandon S.

“Great experience!  I could barley walk when I came in, and I felt like a new person the next day!  I will definitely go back, and I highly recommend him!  I am so thankful to the Dr.!”

~ Anonymous

“Dr. Carroll is fabulous.  He is always very expert in his assessments of my needs and the therapy is right on.  I am so thankful each time I go in to see him.”

Richard L.

“Dr. Carroll was amazing.  He knew exactly how to fix my issues and did so in a quick and timely manner.  I highly recommend his practice.”

~ Bradley H.

“I was very impressed with the time and understanding I received from Dr. Carroll.  He really helped me and my husband both.”

~ Camilla H.

“I always have a wonderful experience.  Wendy is very friendly and helpful.  Dr. Carroll is always willing to listen and is very knowledgeable in his abilities to help me.”

~ Rebecca L.

“It was a great experience.  Sometimes it can be hard to find a good chiropractor but Dr. Carroll was very knowledgeable and did a great job.”

~ Chelsie W.

“I love Dr. Carroll’s work!  He is the only chiropractor I will work with.  Super gentle and thorough.  I don’t walk away hurting like I do with other chiropractors.”

~ Anne M.

“I have been seeing Dr. Carroll for several months.  My visits are always excellent.  He takes time and is genuine in the care he gives.  He uses many forms of treatment that are helpful.  I highly recommend him.”

~ Sheri B.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Carroll for your Chiropractic and Sport Injury needs.  He is very athletic and has a breadth of actual working knowledge.  He has helped me with my back and also many sports related issues.  He can get to the heart of the problem very quickly and has helped me many times through the years.  If you need someone who can actually fix your problems Dr. Carroll is your Doc.”

~ David R.

“My son had chronic headaches for years and with the help of Dr. Carroll, he had few headaches.”

~ Jonathan S.

“Always friendly, with great service.”

~ Bobette B.

“I got an appointment very quickly, didn’t wait long in the waiting room and left feeling better.”

~ Anonymous

“Excellent care.  Very friendly atmosphere.”

~ Anonymous

“Dr. Carroll is the best!  He immediately made me feel comfortable in spite of my fear of ‘being cracked’.  Due to a severe C 5-6 impingement surgery, was recommended by an orthopedic surgeon.  After being cared for by Dr. Carroll, I have no symptoms at all.  Thank you!”

~ Randee S.