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Success Stories


Dr. Carroll and the Nebo Chiropractic staff take great personal care of their patients. This is what they do because they love what they do. Take a few minutes to read through the growing testimonials on this page and you’ll quickly see why Dr. Carroll is considered one of  the BEST Chiropractors in Utah.

Success Stories:

Who is Dr. Milton Carroll?

Some might say a Chiropractor, maybe a compassionate guy, maybe a very good friend, maybe a strong influence in his faith or just a plain ordinary guy?

I have been going to him for as long as he has been in Payson and at first I was very unsure of a new doctor, usually I do worry about making the change to someone new. After a few visits I was really unsure because I live about 50 miles away and he wanted to see me more often and that just wasn’t going to work for me. But he kept telling me he could help me a lot more if I could be seen more often. I thought he was crazy! Then one day I decided. “Wow! My aches are feeling better. Maybe; just maybe Dr. Carroll is helping me.” I certainly have come a long ways with my back, neck, hip and knee problems. I am grateful to Dr. Carroll for all his pokes, pulls, & stretches because like I always say, “It Hurts So Good!”

I will continue my visits with him and will always be amazed at the compassion, professionalism, personal understanding, and caring attributes he carries with him always. He has helped me with many, many medical questions and many personal problems, which I can never thank him enough for. He is now helping most of my family because of improvements in me. He has influenced my body, mind, and soul, what an awesome person he is, to be able to help someone else on all these levels.

Above I mentioned a few things of which Milton might be, but for me he is ALL these things and more, definitely one of God’s Chosen. What an honor it is for me to associate with such a person. THANK YOU for taking the extra time to CARE…..THANK YOU FOR BEING THAT UNIQUE YOU….

Carla F.

Hip & Low back pain

I came to see Dr. Carroll because of an injury to my elbow. I couldn’t grip anything without pain and I couldn’t even carry a filled quart jar. During my visit, I mentioned to him that I had previously had some hip pain but hadn’t felt it for over a year. Dr. Carroll took X-rays and discovered there was no bone displacement with my elbow but my muscles had torn away from the bone. My hips were out of alignment and my back had to compensate by twisting which caused calcium deposits to begin forming. We also discovered that one leg was slightly shorter than the other, thus causing the hip pain. During the course of the treatment, my back and hips had healthy alignment and my elbow healed. I know that if I would have just let time heal my elbow, it wouldn’t have healed properly or as quickly. It was worth all the time and care to be healthy again!

Thank you Dr. Carroll!
Asia D.

I recently went through a struggle of barely being able to walk or stand due to severe spasms in my hips and back. I came to see Dr. Carroll for relief. It took three visits with tons of patience and professional care from Dr. Carroll and I am now moving as I was before. Thanks Dr. Carroll!!!

Shellie A.


When I first came in I was experiencing a sharp, knife like pain in my back. Down my right leg I felt numbness that felt like a toothache. After 6 visits the knife like pain was fading; I started feeling gradually better, feeling like I could lift again. The sharp pain is gone, along with the numbness.

I feel like I am on the road to recovery. When I first came in I was at the point where I wanted to give up, now my attitude has changed

Thank you,
Monte C.

After having sciatica for about two months, I was to the point where I couldn’t even walk or do anything because it hurt so bad. I contacted Dr. Carroll to see if they could get me in. They fit me right in that day. When my X-rays came in and he had a chance to look at them I was diagnosed with subluxation, sciatica, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. My back was curved like the letter C; it looked like you took my upper body and centered it over my right leg. I was walking horribly; I couldn’t stand straight or walk more than 100 feet without my leg going so numb I couldn’t feel it anymore.

After about a month of coming here, my nerve pain has eased off a lot. I stand straighter, and I can walk further without having to hold on to something. I still have a ways to go, but I have noticed a tremendous difference.

Thanks, Dr. Carroll, for having hope in me!

Jarrod J.

I was in pain for over a month. My leg and low back pain wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t sit or walk without extreme discomfort.

Within 2 weeks of beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Carroll I could sleep throughout the night, and within a month and a half, I felt like I was beginning to get my old life back.

Thanks to chiropractic care, I feel like myself again…….


I started seeing Dr. Carroll in late November. I was experiencing pain down the back of my left leg that had worsened to the point where I couldn’t sit in my car to drive. After Three weeks of treatment I am now pain free and feeling great! I am so grateful to Dr. Carroll and the help he has been able to give me. I will continue seeing Dr. Carroll for regular maintenance after my healing process is completed.

Thank you,
Jay B.

I have been having back pain since I was 11 years old. I was skeptical about coming to a chiropractor for years, but finally decided to give Dr. Carroll a chance. I have seen him a couple of weeks and have noticed a big improvement on my back, hips and legs. I can actually sleep better and move around without feeling like a nerve is being pinched. Also, my neck doesn’t feel stiff anymore and that’s a big relief.

Anna P.

Back pain

When I first came into Dr. Carroll’s office I had horrible low back pain to where I couldn’t sleep or do any daily activities without discomfort. After a week and a half of visits with Dr. Carroll my low back pain is almost completely gone. Thanks for everything!


I have been seeing Dr. Carroll for the last year now, and I have noticed such an improvement with my back function. Dr. Carroll has helped me return to my previous activities with minimal amounts of pain. Dr. Carroll has a great understanding of Chiropractic care and is very skilled at applying that knowledge to give his patients the best opportunity for recovery. Dr. Carroll genuinely cares for his patients and each and every time I visit his office, I feel much improved with my physical and emotional health. He is very attentive to his patients and is a good listener. Dr. Carroll has helped me to greatly improve my health and my quality of life has vastly improved under his competent care. I would highly recommend Dr. Carroll to anyone who is in need of Chiropractic care and wishes to improve their overall health.

Payson, Utah

I came to see Dr. Carroll because I was having a lot of low back pain. I could not bend at all without having pain. Sitting, standing up, and even walking were painful. I also had trouble sleeping at night. Now, just a couple of weeks since starting treatment, I am walking pain free and sleeping all night. Bending, sitting, and standing up are much improved. I have confidence that at the end of my treatment I’ll be able to resume an active life pain free.

Thank You Dr Carroll

Sara W.

I came in to see Dr. Carroll about the middle of March 2009 for an emergency visit with such major back pain I couldn’t stand, sit up basically I couldn’t do anything. It was so bad to the point that I missed a week’s worth of work. Dr. Carroll put me on a fitness plan, and within a month my back is feeling much better and definitely improved to the point I can function without any further problems.

Thank you,
Troy H.

I started coming to Dr. Carroll for my low back pain, then I joined the migraine study program. Two weeks ago for the first time ever, I was able to go pull start my lawn mower and mow my front and back lawns.

I am Completely Pain Free!!

Thank you!
Pam W.

I’ve never really had any back pains but did notice something was wrong with my ribs. I asked Doctor Carroll about it and he told me what it was and why it’s like that. Ever since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Carroll I feel more loose and I can move more freely now.

Amanda T.

My name is Cody and I have been seeing Dr. Carroll about two weeks now. When I came in I had lower back pain. I got x-rays and found that I had a fractured lower spine. Dr. Carroll started me on a program to help my back. It has worked really well. I have not had a headache or any back pain since I started coming. I have felt 100% better than when I first came in. Also, everyone here is really nice and caring, even the other patients. Rochelle has been really good about keeping my scheduled times and days together for me. I FEEL BETTER!!!

I came in with major pain in my lower back. My family doctor couldn’t do anything for me besides pain medication. After my first visit with Dr. Carroll I noticed significant relief. He showed me exactly what happened and what needed to be done to get better. I’ve referred my brother and father who have also benefited greatly from Dr. Carroll’s expertise. When you hurt your back you just can’t do anything, unlike a broken arm or leg you can limp on to get by, but with your back you are unable to function. For me Chiropractic care from Dr. Carroll is the best Chiropractic care available.

Cory S.

When I started seeing Dr. Carroll a few months ago I was experiencing unbearable back pain. Within the first month I started feeling better. Now I am feeling great! Chiropractic care really has helped.

Thank You,

I broke my upper back when I was 14 years old. The Dr’s gave me a rating of permanent and partially disabled. Every Dr I saw said that my back would eventually fuse and I would have to have an invasive surgery to repair it. I am so glad that I discovered chiropractic care, it has literally changed my life and I am living a very normal and athletic life, 15 years after I was supposed to be disabled.

Thank you Dr. Carroll,
Jonathan J.

I have had low back pain for 9 years. It has gotten to the point where I could not stand up straight and sometimes could not stand at all. I have also suffered some neck discomfort. After only two weeks of seeing Dr. Carroll my pain is considerably less severe. My joints feel freer and move easier and it doesn’t hurt as much to move around when I wake up in the mornings. I have also noticed less headaches and my neck is not so tight anymore.

Thanks to Dr. Carroll and his staff.
Jamie M.

I started coming to Dr. Carroll in August ’08 with low to mid back pain. After the first 3 weeks I felt a very noticeable difference in the amount of pain I was having. I’m more pain-free than I have ever been, giving me a chance to keep up with my two year old. After seeing what has happened after the course of a month, I can only imagine the differences I’ll see in the next 6 months to a year.

Thank you Dr. Carroll!
Christie B.

When I came in to see Dr. Carroll I had severe low back pain. After a few weeks of stretching and spinal manipulation my pain has greatly reduced.


My wife Becky is a patient of Dr. Carroll’s and has had great success. After talking with her I decided I would see him for my lower back which was causing numbness in my feet. Years ago I suffered an injury breaking a set of ribs, after talking with Dr. Carroll I realized that I could benefit from treatment for my ribs during my visits with him. Dr. Carroll suggested using ice packs on them 2-3 times a day along with ibuprofen for the inflammation. I was coming to see Dr. Carroll twice a week and he would use ultrasound on my ribs for about ten minutes. Over the course of about three weeks coming to see Dr. Carroll, I no longer have the chest pain or any other discomfort from that. The combination of ice packs and ultrasound, along with therapy has worked fantastic.

Rick L.

I experienced a horrible fall onto my tailbone. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t move well. I was referred to Dr. Carroll and now I am on the road to recovery and I feel much better.

Margaret A.

When I first met Dr. Carroll it was his day off and he was kind enough to see me. I came in the office with back pain from an injury that I had suffered from 3 days prior. I could hardly walk, let alone stand up straight. After minor adjustments to ease the pain he sent me out for x-rays. He then put me on a treatment plan. After 1 week I was pain free, now 6 weeks later I am still pain free, and standing taller and straighter than I have in 15 years.

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

I started seeing Dr. Carroll the first of June 2008. I called because I was in lots of pain, having trouble breathing and I felt it was all due to my back pain. Through my sessions I have had fewer headaches, and my back moves from side to side with less tension. I am also able to roll over in bed without the hip pain that would wake me up at night. I have also had more stamina to stand and work either at home or at my job with much less leg and back pain.

During the course of treatments, I fell at my home and had some facial trauma. But my back had been strengthened enough that I didn’t suffer with any back pain even though the fall was serious.

Dr. Carroll has been helping me to work out the stiffness and injury of my shoulder that was hurt in the fall.

I look forward to my visits with Dr. Carroll because I walk out feeling much better with more stamina and I stand much straighter and taller.

Thank you,
Rebecca L.

I am so glad that my sister recommended Dr. Carroll. I started seeing Dr. Carroll in the beginning of March for lower back and knee pain and ever since, I’ve seen great results. You guys actually care and are good with patients.

Thank you,
Tino Jr.

When I first came to see Dr. Carroll I had back pain and headaches all the time. After the first few visits, my back had loosened up and I was able to go through out my day with less pain. After two months my back is doing a lot better and rarely do I have headaches.

Thanks Dr. Carroll

Kyler H.

Scoliosis / Degenerative Arthritis

Dear Dr. Carroll,

Thank you so much for changing my life and my lifestyle. When I first came to you for health care my back was hurting so badly it was difficult for me to walk or to do almost anything. I assumed it was stretched muscles, but contacted you in hope of some relief.

After thorough x-rays, you explained that I had severe scoliosis in my spine and degenerative arthritis. You suggested a plan for me that may put my severe pain in remission.

After just a few weeks of chiropractic care my pain had diminished tremendously. I am now able to function normally and work with my son in the construction business.

I would never have believed that results could occur in such a short period of time. I will continue to be seen by you and to do everything you recommend. As I grow older I know how important it is to be able to live an active lifestyle. I know that with your chiropractic help I will be able to do that.

Thank you again for the chiropractic care you have rendered. I will continue to tell my friends and relatives about your marvelous expertise.

Lee M.

Chronic Pain / Cerebral Palsy

Being a person with cerebral palsy my body has always functioned in its own unique way. One part of that is the difficulty I have using my hands with delicate matters. Putting my hands in a relaxed open position has always been out of reach. After a couple adjustments I noticed a dramatic difference in my physical abilities. At a dinner party I was holding two Dixie cups with a dessert in each; I was holding them both in one hand. If I would have done this before, my hand would have crushed both cups. Now, I was able to talk, walk and eat, a lifetime first.

More importantly than holding Dixie cups, I can now hold my wife’s hand for a long period of time without the need to let go and flex my hand. My wife has noticed a dramatic decrease in my hands shaking. I stopped coloring Easter eggs a long time ago; it’s not very fun when you keep dropping the eggs. I’m hoping that next year when my kids are coloring eggs, I can be an active participant. With the rate my hands are stabilizing I think I’ll be able to.

The muscle cramps that seem to be a part of life, and credited to cerebral palsy, have begun to fade. My back is so much better; my legs feel younger allowing me to walk much more comfortably. Since my body is more relaxed I’m also able to sleep much more peacefully.

Steve H.

Fibromyalgia Relief

I have been a patient of Dr. Carroll’s for 2 ½ years now. I moved to this area from California, where I suffered from work injuries that caused me to require neck surgery. After neck surgery, I developed Fibromyalgia, which I have had for the past 10 years. I had a good chiropractor in California and, when traveling, I have seen many other chiropractors. I can honestly say that Dr. Carroll is the best of all that I have seen. His treatments keep me off pain medications, and allow me to function at a higher level than I could in the past. He successfully treats my fibro flares, neck and back problems. I would recommend him, and have to everyone that could benefit from his services.

Thank you,

Vertigo / Dizziness

I experienced two separate episodes of extreme dizziness. In the days following, the dizziness let up, but never left me. My doctor prescribed a medication, which did not help. He did not know the cause of the dizziness. I called the ER; they told me it may be a stroke. I went in and they did a CT scan on my head looking for a tumor or blood clot. I was diagnosed with acute vertigo. The doctor also prescribed two medications, which made the symptoms worse. When I talked with Dr. Carroll he explained why I was having these symptoms and assured me he could help me, as he had helped others with this problem. I must admit I was skeptical, but after two weeks of adjustments, along with a simple two minute exercise at home, I was back to normal. What a great feeling! I am so grateful to Dr. Carroll for restoring my health. He offers compassionate care. I never felt rushed. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Carroll to anyone concerned about their health.

Evelyn B.

TMJ / Headache Relief

I came to Dr. Carroll’s about 6 weeks ago for work on my jaw (TMJ). Before I came to him for this problem I was having serious jaw pain and headaches. Dr. Carroll put me on a treatment plan and within a week my headaches were gone, my jaw has relaxed, and the pressure from clinching my teeth is gone.

Thank you,

Pediatric care

I started bringing my son in to see Dr. Carroll for ear infections a few weeks ago. I actually found out that chiropractic care could help ear infections when I saw the condition of the week on the white board. I talked to Dr. Carroll about the condition and felt it would be the best for my son to start seeing him. Prior to seeing Dr. Carroll he had had 3 ear infections and he had just finished up the antibiotics for his third ear infection. He still had fluid behind his left ear and was pulling at it. Dr. Carroll so far has seen him for three weeks, twice a week and he has not been pulling at his ears, he is sleeping through the night and he is happier. He is still in Dr. Carroll’s care and I am so thankful that I took this step because he is doing so much better.

Thank you!

A happy mom

My son is 10 years old and he came in to see Dr. Carroll for headaches. It really interrupted his progress in school. Dr. Carroll put him on a treatment plan and within 2 weeks his headaches were gone. He now comes in to see Dr. Carroll once a month for maintenance and has had no headaches in 2 months.

Thank you Dr. Carroll for bringing my son back to his normal self!

Pregnancy back pain relief

In the course of the last year, carrying around a heavy baby, I was experiencing intermittent but gradually increasing back pain, including some sciatic and leg pain. Eventually it got to the point where whether I was sitting, standing, or lying down, I was in terrible chronic pain. Dr. Carroll was able to see in the x-ray my lowest sacral nerve being pinched off. We began with 3 appointments a week and within 2 adjustments, the pain became intermittent again, providing relief. Within three weeks, I rarely experienced pain, though it didn’t take much for it to flare up. Dr. Carroll was able to find some nerve entrapment in my muscles and through adjustments and stretching we were also able to work those out. In the three months of chiropractic treatment I’ve gone from chronic pain in my hip and back and numbness in my leg and foot, to restored health where I can move and even work out again. This has been an investment that has greatly paid off!

Thank you Dr. Carroll!

Auto Injury Relief

After I was rear-ended in a car accident, I started experiencing neck pain from whiplash. That pain started traveling to my arms and lower back when I decided to see Dr. Carroll. After only a few visits I started to feel a difference. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain instead of covering up pain with medication. Dr. Carroll and chiropractic has relieved me of the pain from my injuries.

Thanks Dr. Carroll!

Allergy Relief

When I heard that Dr. Carroll could treat allergies, I was excited, yet a little skeptical, to try it out. I found out when I was a child that I was allergic to onions. As I grew older I realized a few other food allergies. I also had allergies to cats and pollen, along with other various hay fever related allergies. Dr. Carroll treated me for things I knew I was allergic to and things I was not aware of. So far I have had great success and am looking forward to spring to experience an allergy-free season for the first time.

Thank you Dr. Carroll,
Kelsey S.

I have really enjoyed all of my doctor’s visits with Dr. Carroll’s office because I improve every time I come. I have milk, egg and wheat allergies, and whenever I would eat any of these food products I would get really sick. After coming to treatments, my egg and milk allergies are almost completely gone and my wheat allergy is improving! It feels great being able to eat more foods now!

Thank you Dr. Carroll,
Hannah D.

I had trouble with hives for about a year, sometimes 3 to 4 times a week. I would get them bad at night. Before breaking out, I would get sick to my stomach and could feel them coming on. I came to Dr Carroll in September and October 2008 for allergy treatments and have not suffered from hives since then. I am so glad I decided to invest in the treatment.

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

Suzanne C.

When I first came to Dr. Carroll, I had many allergies, and was told by my medical doctor that I was suffering with Celiac Disease. It manifested itself by my not being able to eat without symptoms of allergy, wheat, barley, rye and oats. The medical doctors say this disease is incurable; that it can be controlled by avoiding the gluten in these grains. But whenever it is reintroduced the reactions will be the same.

After being treated by Dr. Carroll, I can now eat these grains, without any allergic reactions. I am so grateful to have found relief through these treatments. Totally eliminating this food is extremely difficult, and very expensive; to say nothing of the lack of satisfaction, while trying to avoid eating any of these grains. Now I can once again eat what I call a normal satisfying menu.

I was also allergic to many inhalants. Grass of all types, the pollens from ragweed, Russian olive, box elder, dandelion, lilacs, and I am sure unmentioned others.

I look forward to next spring to being symptom free from these things also. I have tried many other methods of control by allergists and nothing short of shots, harmful steroids and anti-histamines were able to control my misery.

Grateful is an under-statement of the way I now feel. Thank you Dr. Carroll!!

A satisfied patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Carroll’s since he moved his practice to Payson. Under his care, my quality of life has improved dramatically. One of the recent areas of positive change has been in the arena of food allergies. Dr. Carroll’s treatments have reversed my allergy to several foods that have always caused notable negative reactions, to the point where I would be ill for up to 24 hours. (Green peppers, wheat and bananas). I can now eat those foods without fear of side effects.

My experience with Dr. Carroll has shown that he cares for the welfare of his patients and his goal is for the improvement of their overall health.

Sally R.

Extremity pain relief

Leg / Knee pain

I lived with pain for two months in the back of my leg behind my knee. The pain was so bad I literally sat all day long just resting my leg. Dr. Carroll discovered my knee cap had shifted. Within the first week of treatment I noticed a difference in the pain and I was able to walk more. The pain was completely gone in just a few weeks. Chiropractic has changed my life – it gave me my life back. Thank you so much Dr. Carroll!

Drue T.

When I first came in I was limping all the time. Even when I felt like I was having a good day, people would ask if I’d hurt myself. I thought it was my knees needing surgery. Dr. Carroll told me it was my hips, x-rays showed several things going on there. Now, a month later I can walk pain free. I don’t worry about surgery. Things are looking up.


Shoulder pain

At the beginning of September 2009 I was doing normal everyday activities and I felt a pop in between my shoulder blades. I could not catch my breath for about 3 minutes or so. As the day went on my neck and back and head were really bothering me. As time went by the pain eased up a little. A week later I made and appointment to see Dr. Carroll. He has been helping me quite a bit. I do feel a lot better. Thanks so much!!

Amie P.

After several years of having a shoulder that was constantly popping and causing me pain, I asked Dr. Carroll about it. He explained to me what the problem was and then he helped to relieve the pain. I have now been pain free for several months now.
Thank you!

Brian D.

Wrist Injury

I started coming to see Dr. Carroll in October because I fell and dislocated my wrist, which affected my whole arm. About a month into therapy I was able to move my wrist again without so much pain. Now my wrist, my arm and my back are all feeling much better thanks to Dr. Carroll’s care.

Thank you

Ankle injury

In deep appreciation for your kind and thoughtful care of my broken ankle.

I believe that half of the healing is caring, and that you and Wendi do in abundance and from this comes a good friendship.

I would recommend you to everyone.

Keep up the good work!

A Friend,

Charlene “Davey” H.

Headache Relief

I began seeing Dr. Carroll in June because of headaches and extreme back pain and hampered breathing. In less than one month he has been able to help my headaches go away. My breathing is no longer painful because much of my back pain is gone. He has also helped the pain in my left hip, and lower back, from a couple of falls on the ice. The pain is easing and I am now sleeping better at night because of it.


I started seeing Dr. Carroll for lower back pain and headaches. I instantly felt relief after our first session. I am able to stand longer and walk further. I’m also sleeping better and have very few headaches.

Thank you
Ashley B.

I started seeing Dr. Carroll the beginning of October for Migraines. I was going through a really bad crisis with the headaches; they were affecting every aspect of my life. I would have to stay in a dark room for several days at a time sometimes. This went on for quite some time. After my second visit with Dr. Carroll I noticed a big improvement. Now I feel like I have my life back.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much.
Ana S.

I have lived with chronic back pain and migraine headaches for over 30 years. Two fusion surgeries helped to alleviate some of the back pain but left me in limited mobility in my neck. After bi-monthly visits with Dr. Carroll for the past 6 months, I have less pain in my back, more mobility in my neck and shoulders and have cut my headaches from 3-4 per month to just one! I am now living a more active and pain free life, thanks to Dr. Carroll.

Manti, Utah

I have never had headaches really bad until I started going to college. In college my headaches got so bad. I was not able to go to class or do anything. I finally came home and visited Dr. Carroll and started treatment so that my headaches will go away. After a couple of weeks I began to feel better every day. And now my headaches are gone. I am happy.

Thank you Dr. Carroll!
Cassandra G.

I have had back problems most of my life. I was told 7 years ago that I had degenerative disc disease. I have seen a chiropractor for years because of headache problems. When we moved to Utah I knew I needed to find a chiropractor to help me stay fit. I found Dr. Carroll and he set up a program just for me. There were adjustments I would not let him do because of the pain I was in. Through this program he was able to adjust my back that had not been touched for years. I cannot believe how much better I am doing because of his care and concern to help me feel better. I am so pleased with the outcome of this program. I would highly recommend Dr. Carroll to help anyone with problems of any kind. Oh yes, his staff is also great to work with too.

Jan L.

When I first came to see Dr. Carroll, I suffered from chronic headaches. No doctor could tell what was wrong with me. After my first appointment, Dr. Carroll was able to tell me what was wrong and correct it. Since then my headaches have almost completely gone away and I have so much more energy.

Thanks guys,

I was referred to Dr. Carroll in February because I was experiencing lower back pain. Because of the extreme pain in my back I had days I could barely walk. I have a long history of migraine headaches. I came in for the back pain and in talking with Dr. Carroll I realized that I could benefit from treatment for the migraines as well. I rarely ever have the pain in my back and the headaches are less frequent and less painful.

Thank you,

I came to Dr. Carroll with a headache I’d had for over two weeks. Instead of just treating me, he took the time to look over my complete health. I left my first appointment knowing why and what I needed to do to get healthy. My headache was gone after that first adjustment and I have taken no pain medication since then. I appreciate Dr. Carroll taking the time not only to treat me, but to help me understand what was wrong and how to fix it.


Neck pain relief

I woke up with severe neck and back pain. I had a hard time moving my neck and breathing. I was told Dr. Carroll was the best Chiropractor around so I got an appointment with him. I felt immediate relief after the first time I had an adjustment. I kept to the care plan he set me up on and I have felt better and better after each visit.

Tage W.

One day while I was doing some regular exercises, I turned my neck wrong. I never expected such a small thing to cause such damage. Turning my neck that way caused one of the nerves to my face to get pinched. This caused the left side of my face to be paralyzed. My eye was red and my face drooped. I am grateful for the help I have been receiving. I have seen faster results and my body feels much better and my face has greatly improved due to the treatments I have received here at Dr. Carroll’s office.

Versa M.

I started seeing Dr. Carroll Jan 28, 08 for lower back, neck and shoulder pain. After a month of treatment I felt so much better and could do things I hadn’t been able to do without having problems in a long time.

Thank you,

I saw much improvement after a week of seeing Dr. Carroll. I have had pretty bad neck pain and back pain for about 8 years. After a week of seeing Dr. Carroll, I have noticed “Big” Improvements. I can sleep much better now.


After not having a regular chiropractor for a short time, I found Dr. Carroll. From the first time I met him and his office staff, I knew I found a good chiropractor. He has helped me keep healthy and free of neck and back discomfort. His plan to help maintain my body is to see him on a monthly basis. What a difference it makes in my everyday living. Thanks Dr. Carroll for you professional service that helps me keep healthy.

Thank you,
Robin P.

I started getting chiropractic care because of my headaches. I’ve had migraine headaches since I was a young child but recently they have become worse. Now that I am seeing Dr. Carroll I can tell that my neck is a lot looser. I still get headaches, but not as frequently and not as severe. I’m glad I finally make the choice to see a doctor and get everything corrected.

Marcea W.

Having been in a motorcycle accident about 15 years ago, I lost mobility in my neck and had bad headaches at the base of the scull. Any jarring at all or just a long day, and my neck felt like it would not hold my head up. After 2 visits I notice a big difference in mobility and pain.

Thanks Dr. Carroll! Good job.

Ed N.

I have been seeing Dr. Carroll for about a month now. I came in with neck pain and vertigo, also low back pain. I can’t believe the progress he has helped me make.

I am looking forward to feeling really good again.

Thank you,

Evelyn H.