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Allergy Services

If you suffer from seasonal, environmental, or food allergies, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve developed a complete treatment plan for allergy sufferers that includes Bax 3000 cold laser treatments, broad spectrum homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplementation. By taking a holistic approach, we seek to get at the underlying cause of your symptoms and treat your entire health picture.

Bax 3000 allergy treatments are completely safe, painless, and in most cases, highly effective at treating a wide range of allergens. Homeopathic remedies act as an adjunct therapy to optimize the effect of laser treatments and address any underlying physical conditions that may be contributing to your condition. Nutritional and dietary therapies may further enhance treatment by supporting and balancing body chemistry and immune health.

Stop suffering needlessly. Call us today and schedule a consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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Allergy Success Stories

“When I first came to Dr. Carroll, I had many allergies, and was told by my medical doctor that I was suffering with Celiac Disease. It manifested itself by my not being able to eat without symptoms of allergy, wheat, barley, rye and oats. The medical doctors say this disease is incurable; that it can be controlled by avoiding the gluten in these grains. But whenever it is reintroduced the reactions will be the same.

After being treated by Dr. Carroll, I can now eat these grains, without any allergic reactions. I am so grateful to have found relief through these treatments. Totally eliminating this food is extremely difficult, and very expensive; to say nothing of the lack of satisfaction, while trying to avoid eating any of these grains. Now I can once again eat what I call a normal satisfying menu.

I was also allergic to many inhalants. Grass of all types, the pollens from ragweed, Russian olive, box elder, dandelion, lilacs, and I am sure unmentioned others.

I look forward to next spring to being symptom free from these things also. I have tried many other methods of control by allergists and nothing short of shots, harmful steroids and anti-histamines were able to control my misery.”

Grateful is an under-statement of the way I now feel. Thank you Dr. Carroll!!”

~ Anonymous


“We found out my daughter had severe allergies to peanuts when she was 13 months old. I was given the ok from the doctor to give her peanut butter, but when I gave her a peanut butter sandwich two weeks later; her face turned red and started to swell. I rushed her to the urgent care clinic where they gave her a shot to stop the reaction.

We went to the allergist to see what we needed to do, and learn more about her allergies. We were told we must carry the “epi” pen jr. with us everywhere we go.

Going places was very difficult for us because we would have to give her benadryl before we went anywhere, just in case she came in contact with someone who had eaten or touched peanuts. If we hadn’t given her benadryl she would break out in hives and her eczema would get worse. She has a steroid lotion and oatmeal baths that help with her eczema. However since her treatments she doesn’t need benadryl for her hives and her eczema has cleared up drastically. She can even touch peanut butter now with no reaction.”

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

~ Mrs. P


“I had trouble with hives for about a year, sometimes 3 to 4 times a week. I would get them bad at night. Before breaking out, I would get sick to my stomach and could feel them coming on. I came to Dr Carroll in September and October 2008 for allergy treatments and have not suffered from hives since then. I am so glad I decided to invest in the treatment.”

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

~ Suzanne C.


“When I first came to Dr. Carroll’s office I had really bad problems with my allergies. I was constantly sneezing and I always had a runny nose. After 3 months of treatments with Dr. Carroll I am breathing so much easier and I have so much more energy! Thanks Dr. Carroll!!!”

~ Stephanie C.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Carroll’s since he moved his practice to Payson. Under his care, my quality of life has improved dramatically. One of the recent areas of positive change has been in the arena of food allergies. Dr. Carroll’s treatments have reversed my allergy to several foods that have always caused notable negative reactions, to the point where I would be ill for up to 24 hours. (Green peppers, wheat and bananas). I can now eat those foods without fear of side effects.

My experience with Dr. Carroll has shown that he cares for the welfare of his patients and his goal is for the improvement of their overall health.”

~ Sally R.


“I have really enjoyed all of my doctor’s visits with Dr. Carroll’s office because I improve every time I come. I have milk, egg and wheat allergies, and whenever I would eat any of these food products I would get really sick. After coming to treatments, my egg and milk allergies are almost completely gone and my wheat allergy is improving! It feels great being able to eat more foods now!”

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

~ Hannah D.


“When I heard that Dr. Carroll could treat allergies, I was excited, yet a little skeptical, to try it out. I found out when I was a child that I was allergic to onions. As I grew older I realized a few other food allergies. I also had allergies to cats and pollen, along with other various hay fever related allergies. Dr. Carroll treated me for things I knew I was allergic to and things I was not aware of. So far I have had great success and am looking forward to spring to experience an allergy-free season for the first time.”

Thank you Dr. Carroll,

~ Kelsey S.



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If you are a new patient, please download our forms and fill them out before you come to the clinic. This saves everyone time and allows us to see you sooner. Please bring both the New Patient and Allergy Clinic forms if you are coming to be treated for allergies.

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